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This forum is DEAD. Thought we have relocated at http://beneaththestars.forumotion.net/

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 Ferew Low character sheet

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PostSubject: Ferew Low character sheet   Tue May 11, 2010 9:47 pm

Basic Info~

Name: Ferew Low

Age: 17

Sex: male

Race: werewolf

Apearence~ has a thin, slender body yet he does not seem weak because of a peculiar uncouth taste he possesses he emits a vibrant bestial vitality. ; slightly pointed ears, thick dark hair, uncaring eyes. ; usually seen with a hooded fur trimmed jacket, white undershirt black jeans, a pocket watch attached to a long leather chain, dress shoes, and black sunglasses

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 174 lbs

Eye color: silver

Hair color: midnight black

Skin tone: white

Personality: slightly cocky, generally thinks he is better than most other people, enjoys and respects his friends, tries to do the right thing most of the time, isn't afraid to lie, enjoys reading and drawing, usually a loner, rarely makes friends but easily makes enemies, enjoys fighting boxing and parkour, involved in underground crime activities, enjoys using blades such as flickblades trenchspikes and knuckleknives

Special abilties: night vision, advanced senses, even in human form an unnatural adrenaline power based strenth, and an uncanny talent for parkour

Backround: As a child of 7 Ferew was raised in the most northern parts of Russia not knowing the power that lay dwelling inside of him. His parents were studying wolf habits in the region when his family was attacked by government officials there house was burned down with his parents inside. Luckily Ferew had been exploring the forest when it happened. Afterwards Ferew was raised with a pack of wolves until he was 11 when an exploring couple found him. These people adopted him and cared for him until he was 15 when he decided to go to school privately and is currently unraveling his past and how he became a werewolf.
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PostSubject: Re: Ferew Low character sheet   Tue May 11, 2010 10:16 pm

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Ferew Low character sheet
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