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 The Dark and Evil Rules

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PostSubject: The Dark and Evil Rules   Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:33 pm

1. We really don't appreciate godmodding and/or mary-sue characters. It just doesn't sit well with me OR other players. As with all the other rules, the three-strikes-you're-out rule applies.

2. Spelling and Grammar. It's a big deal around here. IF I can't read your post, it's going to be deleted. But if you're character has to talk a little slang at some point, just make sure we understand what he/she is saying. It's best to write your post in a word processing program and run spellcheck before you post it if you have problems with spelling.

-InFormal talking
-One line posts
-Flaming/Trash talking mods, admins, or other players OOC. IC you have permission to talk smack about another character, however if the other player says you've gone too far, respect that and change the post.

4. PLEASE keep everything PG-13 or lower. Which means no graphic fight/sex scenes. I do however feel your need for this though...If you must have anything over pg. 13 then put this in the title ---> (R or PRIVATE)

And just a side note, remember that if your character starts a relationship with another character, that doesn't mean you hav e to fall in love with the player as well. If you choose to start a relationship, I obviously can't do or say anything about it, just stay safe while you do so.
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The Dark and Evil Rules
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